Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Manhood Exposed and Pathetic

What are we seeing?!

Clinton was very frustrating -- a demonstration of how an intelligent, dedicated politician is still run by his penis. What was most annoying about him was the bizarre concurrent behavior - not stepping away from his job for a moment to handle the cheat - the not-unusual obnoxious extra testosterone that seems to be part of the same character that has the drive and ability to reach the highest office.

Besides, I always knew he was set up. Duh, everyone knew his weakness before he even hit the White House. That meant the GOP could use that weakness to push their own agenda, and later be able to share responsibility/blame with the Democrats for the "unintended consequences" they caused -- to muddle the defining of the problem.

Thus under Clinton:

There was a major shift in banking/mortgage accountability with the repeal of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act.

Depleted uranium was in the tips of the bombs dropped by Clinton in the N.A.T.O. raids on Kosovo and Bosnia (and Europe was infuriated as they saw their cancer rates explode).

The welfare system was irresponsibly and punitively strangled, making it much more difficult for generations of women to rise above poverty (and thus rippling more stress and less education and possibilities into the lives of their children and their children and their children).

So, who knows at what point the GOP had Clinton by the balls. One time only, I heard on a major broadcast station, that Monica Lewinsky had first worked for some Republican in the Senate Office Building and when she couldn’t keep quiet about her desire for the President, she was suddenly transferred to the White House. Of course.

Men are such sell-outs for risky sex

So, of course, we have since had to go through the inevitable (and kharmic) exposure, so to speak, of Republican and Religious Right hypocrites – with Congressional pages, in airport bathrooms, in the Department of the Interior, with staffer’s wives – by those who have tried to gain power by claiming to hold higher “moral values.”

For me, the great disappointment was John Edwards. At that point, I clearly saw that men are powerless sellouts. If Edwards, whose sincere desire to change the system that left so many so poor felt so true, can be felled by an affair, anyone can.

Please note: Shame on that woman. How could she possibly rationalize encouraging or allowing such a relationship if she believed in anything he worked towards, when such a connection would surely destroy his ability to achieve his goals.

Now, Sanford blames it on Maria in Argentina. Come on, what is this? West Side Story -- or Evita?

As I commented early today at Huffington Post,

“Don’t cry for cheating with Argentinian...” (Where is Patti Lupone when you need her?)

But seriously, I’m so tired of the lies, the greed, the toxins, the job losses, the wars – all of which come from this out-of-control, testosterone-driven, alpha male need to be in charge, no matter the “collateral damage.”

Sanford has no right to return to the Governor’s Office. He selfishly and irresponsibly turned his personal inadequacies, his inability to uphold his commitments as a husband and father, into a national security risk, disregarding the commitments of his office as well.

What an irony that he didn’t want his state to accept federal money, when his disappearance and failure to empower the lieutenant governor could very well have resulted in a more urgent need for federal assistance and perhaps even intervention if there had been an emergency.

As the infamous and brilliant Geurilla Girls have often suggested, it just may be time to break out the estrogen bombs!

Sorry, guys, but today, I must say it.

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