Friday, June 10, 2011

Question/Comment for The Diane Rehm Show, News Roundup, June 10, 2011

Please get past the taudry testosterone of Congressman Weiner and discuss the very important issue he was bringing to light at the time Andrew Breitbart posted the infamous photo: the latest extraordinary details of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s falsified Financial Disclosure Forms and the source of the $700,000 unreported income of Ginny Thomas. This is not old news – in fact, the recent release of Thomas’s Financial Disclosure Form for 2010 has helped establish a timeline for Mrs. Thomas Liberty Consulting organization that coincides with the infamous United Citizens v FEC initial hearing and benefits enormously from the Supreme Court Decision.

Now THIS is what the press should be more aggressive on. And this is why an ongoing personal problem of Congressman Weiner was made public at that exact moment – to distract from this very serious conflict of interest and possible judicial insider trading, which had been hidden by Justice Thomas’s falsified Financial Disclose Forms.  Now this falsification is criminal (as it clearly states in bold capital letters on the forms), and and it is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who should resign.