Wednesday, June 20, 2012

George Pyle considers "What EnergySolutions is for..."

Too bad nobody reads the paper.  If they did, they would have noticed in Sunday's Salt Lake Tribune Opinion section, the important column by Georgy Pyle: "What Energy Solutions is for..."

It was bad enough that we had a company in Utah that claimed it could be trusted to store radioactive material that remains deadly for millions of years. Then it "went public" (ironic phrase).

So now this company is more beholding to its investors than it is to keeping those tons of garbage of Mass Destruction contained away from "the public" -- for the necessary time and all eternity.

We now have the ultimate blackmail upon Utah. If EnergySolutions doesn't make money, they'll want out of the business. Then, who will maintain the walls between us and the hellish poison?

There are still important questions to ask the Bush Family.

My comment on the article titled "Charles Hopper, Ex-Lehman Brothers Exec, Commits Suicide In Face Of Financial Distress" at Huffington Post.

" I still want to know more about how the two Bush family members (W's brother, Jeb, and cousin, George Herbert Walker IV) did when Lehman crashed. They were both hired on in high level executive positions in Lehman's last years (GHW in 2006 and Jeb in 2007).

What did they walk away with --- and, of course, what was their effect on the company and its 2008 crash?

Why haven't they found the need to fall on their swords?"