Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today, in a segment on Earthquake Update, Diane asked David Applegate, from the U.S. Geological Survey directly:

"My question to you -- because we've talked a great deal on this program about hydraulic fracturing wherein water is injected along with chemicals into shale in order to release gas.  To what extent do you believe that hydraulic fracking could have played a role in this particular earthquake?"

He replied:

Well, for this particular earthquake, we're not aware of any specific activity in that area that would likely have been a trigger. But we have seen association elsewhere.
For example, in Arkansas, we've had quite a swarm of earthquakes in this past year that folks at the Arkansas Geological Survey have been working on the linkage not to the fracking itself, where in a sense you're trying to find places where the rock is not broken up. And you're breaking it up, so you can generate lots of little earthquakes.
But you don't have the kind of big structures or faults that would normally be a conduit that you would have used normally. But you're doing wastewater injection then, very high-pressure injection back into the ground. And there has -- there have been -- well, there are a number of famous cases of linkage there.

Probably the most famous was the Rocky Mountain Arsenal out near Denver, back in the '60s, where they were doing high-pressure injection and managed to generate over a magnitude 5 earthquakes. I think the key thing here is, as this becomes a more common practice, is recognizing that people will be feeling earthquakes in places they're not used to.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The White House was evacuated.  The major network offices in NYC shook.  It rippled up and down the east coast.  5.8.    Such a surprise.  One problem is that buildings in the area were not built to withstand earthquakes -- because, historically, earthquakes have not been a problem there.  The epicenter was Mineral, Virginia.

Virginia is one of several states where the Appalachian Basin, with its valuable Marcellus Shale, a source of methane gas, crosses, along with West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York.  Multiple companies are FRACKING there.

Meanwhile, in Trinidad, Colorado, on the same day, it was the largest earthquake in Colorado since 1967.  Trinidad is in the Raton Bason, where Natural Resources has its huge natural gas drilling -- FRACKING -- operations.

With the natural gas industry aggressively fracking wherever they can, shouldn't these events -- coming as a complete surprise because earthquakes historically haven't happened like this -- be the signal to STOP FRACKING!!? 

Poisoning the earth (and lying about it) is bad enough.  But shaking its mantle, which will continue to ripple out with more earthquakes, would be horrifically damaging -- even more so because the nuclear industry has also convinced those in charge that they, too, have a safe product.  Remember Japan?

Please spread the word -- encourage the press to look into the quakes that have been associated with fracking, in Arkansas, Texas, England and more.  We cannot ignore this.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

KUER Radio West 8/22/11: Rick Perry and Conservative Christian Politics

Thank you, Doug and Elaine, for addressing this issue.

I found it scary in 2004 when I read in The Village Voice that Karl Rove, just before the 2003 Iraq invation, and in 2004 National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, and "Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and North African Affairs," Elliott Abrams, had brought in Apostolic leaders to advise George W. Bush on Middle East policy.

Realizing then that the leader in the White House, the man in charge of the world's most powerful weapons, who was undermining the federal agencies that had previously protected Americans by defunding them and appointing corporate lobbyists to lead them. . . was aligned with those who seek THE RAPTURE.

This is important -- the New Apostolic movement is ultimately about the Rapture. And the way to the Rapture is cataclysm. Aiming towards cataclysm is not good public policy. It's that simple.

I recommend two links.

For a Fact Sheet on those leaders involved in Rick Perry's prayer event, with their public statements and actions:

For the 2004 Village Voice article on the Apostolics in Bush's White House:

And, if you're interested, for what I wrote, and then said in a presentation at the Main Salt Lake City Library, in October 2004: