Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The White House was evacuated.  The major network offices in NYC shook.  It rippled up and down the east coast.  5.8.    Such a surprise.  One problem is that buildings in the area were not built to withstand earthquakes -- because, historically, earthquakes have not been a problem there.  The epicenter was Mineral, Virginia.

Virginia is one of several states where the Appalachian Basin, with its valuable Marcellus Shale, a source of methane gas, crosses, along with West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York.  Multiple companies are FRACKING there.

Meanwhile, in Trinidad, Colorado, on the same day, it was the largest earthquake in Colorado since 1967.  Trinidad is in the Raton Bason, where Natural Resources has its huge natural gas drilling -- FRACKING -- operations.

With the natural gas industry aggressively fracking wherever they can, shouldn't these events -- coming as a complete surprise because earthquakes historically haven't happened like this -- be the signal to STOP FRACKING!!? 

Poisoning the earth (and lying about it) is bad enough.  But shaking its mantle, which will continue to ripple out with more earthquakes, would be horrifically damaging -- even more so because the nuclear industry has also convinced those in charge that they, too, have a safe product.  Remember Japan?

Please spread the word -- encourage the press to look into the quakes that have been associated with fracking, in Arkansas, Texas, England and more.  We cannot ignore this.

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