Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Light Beginning to Shine on Bush SEC's attack on Mark Cuban

The Inspector General of the Security and Exchange Commission is at work, and one of its investigations shows misconduct in the way the SEC went after Mark Cuban before Bush left office.

I commented at The Huffington Post:

2004: James Moore, co-author of Bush's Brain (about Rove), goes on book tour with retired Texas Air National Guard Lt. Col Bill Burkett, who witnessed the scrubbing of W's military records to hide history of belligerence, favoritism and and time AWOL before 2000 election.

Burkett is contacted and given memos by mysterious source who then disappears.

Burkett does nothing with memos until GOP uses Swiftboat lies against Kerry, then contacts 60 Minutes II producer Mary Mapes, who co-broke Abu Gharab (with Seymour Hersh).

The instant Dan Rather airs memos, GOP operatives start powerful blitz on memo authenticity, and successfully strangle/punish Dan Rather (who had nailed Poppy Bush with Iran Contra questions in 1988 Presidential election interview), Mary Mapes (Abu Gharab producer), Lt. Col. Bill Burkett (witness to scrubbing), and, indirectly, James Moore.

Rather & Mapes lose jobs, all lose credibility, Bush/Rove silence media and steal a second election.

Mark Cuban courageously backs Dan Rather's investigative reporting on HDNet. Comcast refuses to carry HDNet.

2006: Rather busts open story on Sequoia 's special intentionally-flawed ballots for Palm Beach Florida 2000 election. Undoubtedly much more, but not freely accessed.

2008: Bush's SEC goes after Mark Cuban (Rather's funding) on trumped up charges.

But now there's a break in the clouds. Here comes the sun. . .

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