Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Questions for Diane, July 11, 2008


Why isn't Karl Rove in jail today? If it remains up to the Department of Justice, who can force that White House tool to function as it is supposed to?


While the American media has been reporting that the heroic rescue of officials are claiming that the daring rescue of Ingrid Betancourt and other hostages held by the FARC in Columbia was due to the efforts of a powerful alliance between Columbian and U.S. federal agents, the London Times has reported that there is another version of the story, circulating in international media – that the dramatic rescue was staged, and that the hostages were released because of a $20 million ransom payoff that served both the FARC and the rescuing agents.

Is this another bit of White House propagandizing, as with Jessica Lynch? And do the budget cuts at American newspapers mean we will continue to be fooled by whatever the White House says?

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