Friday, November 05, 2010

Orwellian Midterm Madness

How foolish?  How foolish.

Many emotions, but the deepest is sadness.  I am sad to see so many foolishly vote against their own best interests.

They have fallen for the concept of "grass roots" and "independence/freedom".

It is Orwellian, because the movement they call "grass roots" was completely manipulated and financed by the lobbyists and public relations end of the very industries that are most damaging our economy and health.

It is Orwellian, because those who believe they are standing up for Independence and Freedom are the ones most manipulated into the behaviors that serve the great corporations, leaving them only with the Freedom to suffer from the bullying of corporations which demand the right to honor profit over safety.

It is Orwellian, because the majority voted (if we believe the vote count) to benefit the few over themselves.

It is Orwellian, because people have fallen for the false equivalent of Fox News v MSNBC -- as if bullying rudeness is equivalent to the presentation of evidence.

It is true that the evidence does sometimes cause some to become outraged, rightfully so, but that outrage then makes it easier for those who are paid to distract attention away from the evidence to discredit the information -- no matter how strong the evidence is. 

That is why Keith Olbermann announced on Monday, the day before the election, that he is suspending his infamous daily segment, "Worst Person in the World" -- because his understandable outrage, in this Orwellian world, is labelled "liberal bombast", discrediting his solid work as a journalist bringing important information to an audience desperate to cut through the gutless reporting of the mainstream media.

It is MADNESS for the majority, who are frightened because of the economy and the wars, to vote to protect those who have created the economy and the wars, blaming those who were stuck trying to clean up the mess left by the previous set of liars.

And it is MADNESS that the Supreme Court has given corporations the right to take over elections.

It is MADNESS to call that usurpation of the priorities of humanity "grass roots".

If we are to survive -- and even thrive -- we must PAY ATTENTION. 

We must see past the Orwellian language, we must cure the Madness with the healing light of Truth, and we must prioritize humanity over greed.

It's that simple.

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  1. Only a few hours later I heard the news that MSNBC had yanked Keith Olbermann off the air, indefinitely, after discovering he had made contributions to 3 Democratic candidates during the midterm election.

    Shocking that he is so intensely punished, while Rove, the Koch brothers, Dick Army and more get away with massive corruption of the American election system...