Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Diane Rehm Show, with Guest, Michael Moore

First, thank you, Diane, for having Michael Moore on. He certainly has lead the way on both our prime issues of the day, health care and the banking industry, though he rarely has been heard on such mainstream media.

Second, for Michael, do you have any information on the involvement of George Bush's cousin, George Herbert Walker, former Global Head of Investment Management at Lehman Brothers, and his brother, Jeb Bush, Investment Consultant at Lehman Brothers, in the fraudulent accounting and collapse of the company, and what they walked away with?

I must add:

I look at the Wall Street leadership and the debacle they’ve caused for all of us with both sadness and anger...

But what else could be expected when the American people accepted 8 years with a President who made his first big chunk of money when he dumped all his stock in Harken Oil before the other stockholders could see the updated accounting report from Arthur Andersen

And a Vice President who dumped the bulk of his stock in Haliburton before the stockholders could see the damaging asbestos liabilities he’d brought to the company when he arranged for the purchase of Dresser Industries

And neither of these two men were ever held criminally responsible for these deeds, because of their connections. Thus, they lead the way in demonstrating the wealth that could be made by condoned fraud.

Meanwhile, they claimed a moral righteousness when their henchmen jailed that uppity Martha Stewart, for her supposed dishonesty with the Wall Street Boys.

Shame, shame.

Michael, thank you for your years of courageous patriotism.

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