Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Questions for Diane's Guest, David Iglesias

It was just a year ago that American BBC reporter Greg Palast handed over to House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers Jr. copies of emailed voter caging lists sent by Timothy Griffin at the RNC. On that same day, Mr. Griffin suddenly resigned as the replacement U.S. Attorney in Arkansas. Would you please explain to the audience the significance of this, especially since the U.S. press failed to report the story. Also, are you aware that Mr. Griffin recently joined Senator McCain’s team?

(Also, would you please encourage Diane to break down the wall that keeps Greg Palast’s award-winning reporting away from the Americans who need to hear it?)

* * *

The White House is so defiant on the U.S. Attorney scandal. Is it because it has been caught in the cookie jar of election theft? Wouldn’t that take the wind out of the claimed Bush foreign policy goal of "spreading democracy"?

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