Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Questions for Diane, May 28, 2008

How can Senator Clinton proclaim herself the voter's advocate in Michigan and Florida -- then sit back while her backers attack Nancy Pelosi for stating her superdelegate vote will support the voter's choice?


Kudos are in order again for House Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers, Jr. for paying attention to evidence that former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, a Democrat, was indicted and imprisoned on trumped up bribery charges, under pressure from Karl Rove. Conyers's committee will hear testimony from Siegelman personally in May.

Meanwhile, in another Judiciary/White House conflict, it was announced that the White House was not going to bother to try to locate the missing emails, because it was too difficult.

Is there no shame in that fortress?

Last Friday the Miami Herald reported that Roger Stone, infamous RNC operator and friend of Karl Rove, admitted to turning over information he'd gathered on Eliot Spitzer to the FBI last November, just weeks after he'd had to step down from his consulting job for the New York State Republican Party after he'd been caught making threatening phone calls to Eliot Spitzer's elderly father.

Stone was previously involved in the phony riot in Miami in November 2000 that shut down the recount, political stunts with Rove in Texas, and is considered by many analysts to be the anonymous messenger who delivered the two Texas National Guard memos to Ret. Lt. Col. Bill Burkett that were then handed over to Dan Rather's team -- thus bringing down Dan Rather, the 60 Minutes II team that revealed Abu Gharab, and discrediting the National Guard officer who witnessed the scrubbing of Mr. Bush's military records.

It seems to me that it is Mr. Stone, not Mr. Spitzer, who is more dangerous to society.


Last Friday the International News Service reported that following Vice President Cheney's visit to Saudi Arabia, the Saudis have held meetings to discuss how to deal with nuclear fallout from attacks on Iran.

The national media has reported that Cheney has backed down from his aggressive plans because of U.S. public opinion, but his "SO?" shows us how little regard he has for us.

Can he be stopped?

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