Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Exiting Stage Right

The coverage by the Associated Press of Senator Trent Lott’s resignation missed the best part – Lott’s use of Ecclesiastes, the Biblical verse that starts "To everything there is a season" as his inspiration to move on to "something else."

That twice vaguely-defined "something else" is widely believed to be a job on K Street, the nefarious lobbyist alley, and the season to "turn, turn, turn" happens to be now because in January the season brings in the new lobbying reform law passed last August, which means retiring Senators get to experience “a time to wait” two – no longer one, but two – years before they can return to Congress as a lobbyist, which is the ultimate – in the Bible’s words -- “time to GET”.

Hmmm. There just may be a special place in the Inferno for using Ecclesiastes to rationalize a rush to abandon responsibility for the sake of greed.

All the more reason Trent Lott will not be missed in the People’s Senate. . .

But he’d best beware: God’s wisened angel, Pete Seeger, is still alive and kickin’!

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