Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Testimony at Divine Strake Hearing*, Salt Lake City Capitol


My name is Barbara Bellows-TerraNova.

Thank you, Governor Huntsman. The writer, Theodore Roszak said that the world will be saved not by liberals [though I am one] but by Republicans who stand up and say: This isn't what we mean.

In August 2004, the Sierra Club put out a report called , which was updated after Hurricane Katrina. In looking at it, what we find Deception and Pollution at Ground Zerois that, of course, the Inspector General of the EPA came forward and said, We were told we had to change the wording, so that Wall Street could reopen.

It's now actually policy. The Department of Homeland Security has developed something called “optimization”, and according to “optimization”, well, health risk information is withheld, or put into the context of other social and commercial objectives and needs. It happened again after Katrina, when they used the opportunity to lower the standards for a variety of employment and trucking regulations. They just lower the standards at any excuse. And the EPA and OSHA no longer have any say in it, because they are now within the Department of Homeland Security.

Earlier, the young lady said something about starting a nuclear warfare again. It has already started.

In 1991, January 17th, Bush/Cheney – but that was the former president and Cheney as Defense Department head – began the nuclear war when they dropped tons and tons of depleted uranium on top of Iraq, and left that country a debacle. 500,000 children had died in Iraq from 1991 to the next U.S. invastion.

News started to come to light about depleted uranium in January 2001, as the new Bush/Cheney were getting ready to take over the White House. The reports in Europe were saying that NATO forces, who had been involved in Kosovo, were coming out with an immense amount of leukemia and cancers. The news was very large in the international press. We didn't particularly hear about it here.

The World Health Organization sent people to investigate, including Dr. Keith Baverstock, who was the head of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, the lead radiation scientist at the World Health Organization. He brought forward an article that said that there was far more health risks than were ever known about depleted uranium. The United States put pressure on the World Health Organization, and his report was shelved.

I say this because you have to understand the pattern.

We have slanted information -- like we're told it's "low level". That does not mean weaker. It means a smaller circle. Which means when it gets in your body, the small circle of radiation makes it hit all of the cells around it. That's why they found an enormous amount of people who are coming out with multiple cancers in the body, which is something doctors had never seen before.

So “low level” does not mean safer. Never believe that it does.

“Depleted” uranium does not mean empty. I don't know why the word “depleted” was chosen, but 99.03 percent of depleted uranium is exactly like uranium – and is exactly like the enhanced uranium that is the basis of nuclear warfare.

Unfortunately, people in the Middle East know that we've been using nuclear warfare on them for a very long time. They do find a bit of hypocrisy here.

The bunker busters that they are saying they want to test here, they pierce the earth because they have depleted uranium at the tip. DU works because, as it strikes, it suddenly vaporizes, and sharpens.

The vaporized particles remain in the air. That's what we breathe in, and that's what causes our cancers.

Unfortunately, depleted uranium also can affect the mantle of the earth. This is a very frightening concept, when we look at the tsunamis, when we look at the humongous earthquakes that shattered Afghanistan a couple of years ago.
They are continuing, and geologists are shocked about patterns that they have never before seen.

There was a Doctor Y.K.J. Yeung Sik Yuen, who presented a report to the UN Subcommittee on Human Rights Protection – from the section they just tore apart at the United Nations. That panel. Dr. Yuen presented the report, which included information about DU's effect on health, the environment, earthquakes, and its use as being a war crime -- in 2002. Then Bush/Cheney decided it would be a good idea to put the bully John Bolton in as U.S. Ambassador to the UN to shut the whole thing down.

It is important to understand that the Neoconservative movement is based on the teachings of Leo Strauss, who taught that it is best to keep people in place by creating “Noble Lies” about huge enemies that we must constantly fear. Use religion and patriotism to keep them in line, and always perpetuate warfare.

Lastly, I would like to know if anyone can help us find out who in our leadership has stock in what corporations.

I do believe that the former President Bush has stock in The Carlyle Group from his speaking engagements, stock that has grown substantially with the wars. I do believe his son, the "Decider", would be in line to inherit his portion. (This is why Bush fought so hard to get rid of what he called the “death tax”.)

It is important to understand that there are people that want this fighting to go on beyond logic. This is not what we want, and it is unconscionable that the world and its people sacrifice for the cruel few to profit.

I encourage you to go to the Huffington Post website. Yesterday's article about Elizabeth Cheney, the daughter of Dick Cheney, shows that she is both a major stockholder in Lockheed Martin, and is working on putting together the intelligence and plans to attack Iran, just like those in the Office of Special Plans did for Iraq.

We have to know this stuff. We have to talk about it. This is not the United States that we want.

Finally, the name “Divine Strake” does not strike me as “funny” when we now have a president who believes in the Rapture.

Thank you.

*Edited for clarity.

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