Saturday, July 28, 2007

PBS: NOW with David Brancaccio Investigates Voter Caging

At long last, attention is being paid.

Greg Palast was on Now last night, along with fired U.S. attorney David Iglesias and Congressman John Conyers, Jr., to discuss the Republican scheme to suppress black votes in 2004, pushed by Karl Rove, short-lived U.S. Attorney Timothy Griffin, and other aides -- which appears to be what the White House and Department of Justice are protecting (See "Purging the Purgers" below and at Greg's site.

As of early Saturday morning, the transcript is not yet posted, though the video and more indepth interviews and sources are there. When the transcript is available, it will be in the list here, which is also a spectacular source of information for shows going back to 2002.

You may remember, the show's original title was Now with Bill Moyers, but George Bush's hitman at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting targetted Moyers for having a liberal bias and tried to kill funding for PBS. See my Know Bush Fact #46 on this subject here. Tomlinson has since lost this job, and Moyers is back in full swing with Bill Moyers Journal.

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