Monday, February 16, 2004

Know Bush Fact #7

Based on the belief that the truth shall set you free:

This story is particularly frightening because it's been so well hidden.

Three weeks after the 2000 election, while the results were still up in the air, Greg Palast, an American reporter for the BBC and the Guardian of London, reported that in the months leading up to the November 2000 balloting, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris (who was also George Bush's Florida campaign manager), in coordination with Governor Jeb Bush (George's brother), ordered local elections supervisors to purge 57,700 names from voter registries.

These names were removed because they were supposedly felons who, according to Florida law, may not vote. However, in review, 90.2% of the voters purged from this list were innocent. Their names were listed in error, and never verified. It should be noted that 54% were Black and Hispanic voters, and 90% were Democrat.

Remember, Bush supposedly won Florida, and thus the country, by only 537 votes.

When this report came out in England, CBS contacted Greg Palast, eager to run a version of the story. The next day, the CBS producer called Palast back.

"I'm sorry, but your story didn't hold up."

Palast asked why he thought that.

Simple, "We called Jeb Bush's office."

To verify and look further at this story, Google "Palast +Harris +felon".

- February 16, 2004

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