Sunday, January 25, 2004

Know Bush Fact #1

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Inaugural Message
Know Bush

Based on the belief that The Truth Shall Set You Free

As an introduction, you know me. I am your friend, your neighbor, your family, your customer, someone I've shared moments with.

We probably don't agree on everything, but we've smiled together.

All I ask is that you, and the people you share this with,
be open, be willing to know more, and vote.

It has never been more important. (So now keep reading...)

Today's Know Bush Fact is:

When Bush went to Ground Zero shortly after September 11, he threw his arm around a tired, retired firefighter at the scene and assured him and the other rescue workers he was with them. In August 2002, he pocket vetoed $150 million in emergency first responder grants.

Thank you for paying attention. Now pass it on.

- January 25, 2004