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GLORY BE on All Saints Day!!

Brad Friedman of ("Brad Friedman is one of the Paul Reveres of [the Election Integrity] movement."-- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Ring of Fire, Air America Radio) reported on November 1, 2007, at 11:07 pm:


My Comment
(slightly improved):

Once again I find myself typing out "Hallelujah" on the BradBlog site!

And a Happy All Saints Day it truly is!

The point of All Saints Day is to rise like the Phoenix out of fear, away from evils both real and imagined, into the Light of Truth, of Compassion, of Good, i.e. God.

And so it is, with the banning of DRE Touch Screen Voting Machines, we Americans truly experience this transformation this year.

For surely we have been living years of fear, because of evils both Real:
- Stolen elections protected by a corrupt Department of Justice
- Federal agencies handed over to corporate lobbyists, and (WORST OF ALL)
- The annihilation of the Iraqi and Afghan civilizations, as well as the sacrifice of American lives, all to feed the insatiable greed of the Oil, Weapons and Construction/Service industries)

And Imagined :
- The Bush/Cheney/Powell/Rice/Rumsfeld/Giuliani drumbeats, facilitated by the Mainstream Media in exchange for increased ownership and government contracts.

And we Americans have been more powerless than ever because our elections have been under attack. Voting machines have switched, lost and added votes, registered voters have been intimidated and/or turned away, and elections officials have unilaterally acted against the majority.

It is only by removing the corruptive elements attacking our elections, the basis of the Democracy Mr. Bush claims to be spreading, that we, as the citizens of the United States, can develop policies that reflect our Jefferson's belief in our Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, along with our evolved understandings about Health, Economics, and Access to Opportunity.

* * *

This Halloween, in a mood, my daughter I chose to face an artistic depection of Darkness. To this end, we went to closing night of the brilliant, haunting Sondheim musical Sweeney Todd, as performed by the Egyptian Theatre Company in Park City, Utah.

Though I know the music fairly well, and have seen it before both on the video and in a large theater, this time, in an intimate theater, with a brilliant cast, and with years now of never-ending horrific realizations discovered in my study of the Bush administration, I literally shuddered on Sweeney's final look back at the audience and door slam.

Now that we have seen Sweeney Todd and the world he inhabits, what will we do?

For there are universal truths present in the story of Sweeney Todd:

1. Justice decided by those who use their Power for selfish gain brings Ruin to Family, Individual Sanity, Society, and ultimately Itself.

2. A Society where Industry becomes Supreme is Filthy and Corrupt, and ultimately Selfdestructive (cannibalistic), where previously decent people become Heartless Profiteers.

3. The only way to burst through the degradation of such a world is for good people to pay attention, to hear each other, and to work towards Shining the Light for All to See, so we can recognize the Crimes, stop them, and hold the perpetrators accountable. Thus there is a Redemption of honest and fair Justice.

Sounds timely, eh?

So -- Now -- let's use this open window that Senators Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) have provided, and that Brad Friedman ( has diligently reported.

Read Brad's article.
Call/write to your Senator.
Call/write to your Congressional Representative.
Make Noise: Share what you've learned with friends and family, send letters to editors, add comments across the internet, chat -- get the Truth Out!

You can even push for banning the machines NOW! California has!

And you can learn lots more at Bradblog.


...In time,

Nothing Can Harm Us...

Not If Our Votes are Counted!

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